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There are many things I love about the game of baseball.  It excites me when I see a diving play in between the shortstop and 3rd baseman, when you hear a fastball whiz by the batter cracking the glove as it crosses the plate on the outside black and the catcher doesn’t even move his glove, when you witness a battle between hitter and pitcher and neither player will give in.  The game of baseball provides many opportunities for players to show how mentally tough they are, how to persevere in a time of adversity, how to pull together as a team to win a tough game, and grow as a young man.


As a young coach I look back on the things coaches once said to me and at the time, honestly, didn’t completely listen.  Most of the talks about how this game will teach you to become a better human being and how baseball will help you grow as a young man.  These are things I used to hear from all my coaches, basketball and football included.  Every time I heard them I would think to myself, “Man, I hear this every year.”  Even in thinking that, I believed it.  I believed that the countless hours spent at the field hitting off a tee was going to make me a better player and a more dedicated employee.  I believed that the times after practice spent taking ground balls on the field long enough for the coaches to have to flip on the lights would make me respect others time spent on me to develop as a player and person.  These instance are to name a few of what I remember as being a player coached by coaches that dedicated their time away from their families to invest in a young teenage that had dreams and goals of one day of playing at the next level.

Cole Teaching Bronco 2  Cole Teaching Bronco 3

There are many things that excite me as a coach.  Winning is fun, but sometimes when you win you still feel like you didn’t put forth the best effort.  Seeing a kid understand the mechanics of a baseball swing and put those mechanics learned to use in a game is exciting to me.  Watching a kid leave the field with dirt covering his uniform and a tired look on his face excites me.  All this excites me as a coach, but what makes me proud to be a coach is when I get a text at 7:49pm from the Youth League director telling me “Thank You.”  The text read this “I wanted to let you know a couple of your high school baseball kids came down and worked with the younger kids tonight at Bronco Practice.  Absolutely amazing.  Thank you”  This is a proud moment in coaching.  When your players want to give back to the younger generation because they care about the longevity of Frontier Baseball.  They care about the 11 and 12 year old kids development as a baseball player.  Time is an element of life you never get back and that is why time is more valuable than any piece of jewelry or any dollar amount.  Cole Fesler and Jarrett Burroughs spent their “Time” after their practice to invest in younger lives.  They decided amongst themselves that they would take time out of their day to give instruction to Future Falcon players.  Giving back to your community and others is more rewarding than any dollar spent or given.  Knowing that you have relayed knowledge from 1 person to the next shows that you care about the future of someone else.  Keep giving back to others, the rewards are great.