Junior Varsity Baseball, Varsity Baseball · More Than a Game

The Frontier Falcons baseball team hosted Kankakee Valley Tuesday (5/17) in a filler game that was originally scheduled to be played against West Central.  Even with a 10-0 win for the Falcons, the game proved to be much greater than a W in the win column.


On 4/16 the Falcons hosted a conference double header against Clinton Prairie and dedicated it as a Cancer Awareness game.  Throughout the week the team would sell K Cancer T-Shirts in hopes of raising money to donate to someone who had been impacted by the words “You have Cancer.”  At the game on Saturday, baked goods were donated by parents of Falcon players and students of Mrs. Culver-Pekny’s culinary classes.  The support was tremendous and the halls were filled with K Cancer shirts.  In all these efforts, along with the donations from individuals, the team was able to raise $800 to donate.


This brings me to Tuesday (5/17).  The Falcons played a shortened game against 3A Kankakee Valley due to run rule.  Baseball is a just a game.  A game has a winner and a loser.  In a game some players play and some players have other roles on the team.  There are usually 28 games in a season, so you get 28 chances to win.  In life, you get one chance to make the most of it.  You get one chance to make a difference to others.  Life is not a game.  Wes Corbin, has made the most of his situation.  Mr. Corbin has battled the dreaded cancer multiple times in his life and he credits his victories over cancer to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Meeting Wes, you can tell that he has a drive that is hard to match.  A firm handshake and looking you straight in the eye exudes confidence and courage in this young mans life.  I don’t know from personal experience, but having to compete against leukemia multiple times in your life at such a young age would most likely cause you to give up or become stronger.  Wes decided to become stronger.  Mr. Corbin used to be in the Frontier school corporation and has since moved to the Tri-County school corporation, but the friends he has made at Frontier still consider him as part of the Frontier family.   Wes Corbin, you are an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with.  Thank you for never giving up.