Multiple Teams · GBB: Sectional Information

The Falcons Girls basketball team play in game 1 of the IHSAA Sectional #54 on Tuesday, January 31st at Clinton Prairie, vs Clinton Prairie tip off is set for 7:00pm.

6:00pm – Doors open for spectators

6:35-6:55pm – Warm-up

6:55-7:00pm – National Anthem & Introductions

7:00pm – Tip-off

Fans and spectators should be informed all of the following tourney restrictions:

  1. No publications, brochures, fliers, etc. of any kind, whether for sale or free-of-charge, are to be distributed at IHSAA tournament events without prior approval from the IHSAA.
  2. Balloons, banners and/or posters, etc. are not permitted.
  3. Cowbells and other such noise devices, banners, shakers on sticks, signs, posters, etc., are not permitted.
  4. No live animal mascots are permitted.
  5. Line-up lanes of fans shall not be permitted on the playing floor at any time.
  6. Audio/video devices are not permitted on the playing floor.
  7. The throwing of articles, including toilet tissue, is not allowed.