Varsity Wrestling · WR: State Finals Information


5:30pm – Wrestlers will be in line for the walk-in.

5:45pm – Coach’s Association Representatives will lead the wrestlers in the “Parade of Champions”

5:55pm –Singing the “National Anthem”

6:00pm – Wrestle First Round


7:00am – Doors open for wrestlers through the Delaware Street Media Entrance

7:30 – 8:25am – Wrestlers able to check weight.

8:00am – Doors open for general public

8:30 – Weigh-ins for wrestlers

9:30am – Begin wrestling Second Round, Third Round (Semi-Finals) will be wrestled immediately after Second Round

2:30pm (approx.) – The Arena will be cleared.

4:00pm – Doors for spectators will open again for Consolations and Finals

4:45pm – Consolation Round will be wrestled


7:00pm – All lights off except over center mat. Introductions of contestants from each end of the Fieldhouse

7:20pm – Presentation of Colors and Singing of “National Anthem”

7:25pm – Presentation to Official of the Year

7:30pm – Live Television

7:37pm – 10:15 pm – Wrestling Finals/Awards Presentation