Falcons News · IHSAA Sportsmanship Score

RE:  2017-18 IHSAA Sportsmanship Program Verification

From: IHSAA Assistant Commissioner, Sandra Walter

To: Jamie Sailors

Athletic Director, Frontier High School


Sportsmanship Score: 105

This message has been sent to the Principal and Athletic Director of each IHSAA Member School with a Sportsmanship Score of 100 or better.  

On behalf of the IHSAA, we congratulate your efforts in completing the 2017-18 school year with a Sportsmanship Score of 105.  This marks the successful completion of the first of five (5) criteria within the IHSAA Sportsmanship program.

Those schools meeting all five (5) components will be noticed and your banner indicating that your school has earned the distinction as a School of Character will be forthcoming!

Thank you again for your work in supporting and promoting the IHSAA Sportsmanship Program.  We appreciate your efforts in working with young people across our state to reinforce the need for positive Sportsmanship/Citizenship.